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Panther-Rossini-32374 01LA S3

Panther-Rossini-32374 01LA S3


UPPERWaterprooffullgrainleatherwithantiabrasionscuffcapLININGwaterproof membrane TEPOR® that disperses moisture outside the shoe proportionallytotheamountofsweatproduced:themoreyousweat,themorethemembraneactivates.ThermoregulatingmembraneWINTHERM®thatinsulatesthefootfromthecoldandheatINSOLEHEAT COMFY – Thermoformed. Neddle-tufted felt and aluminium frabric that is antibacterial, breathable and absorbent. It isolates against cold and heat, used in CI and HI footwear.SOLEPU/RUBBER BASF PUR Elastopan® polyurethane foam insole, ensures the maximum comfort and the absorption of the impact on all surfaces. Polyurethane outsole, with an elevated grip, resistant to up to a 300°C (HRO certified), guarantees the maximum levels of slip resistance. Resistant to corrosion by oils and hydrocarbons. It leaves no mark on the surface.LASTThe anatomical shape of the injected sole, unlike removable insoles, is inalterable for the entire lifetime of the shoe. The ANATOMIC SOLE, following the natural morphology of the foot, provides a natural support to all its points, ensuring maximum comfortTOE CAPThe POWER CAP is in multilayer fiberglass and rubber particulate. It stands out foritsrobustnessandlightness,guaranteeingashockabsorptionuptoamax.200Joules.Beingmetalfreeisisundetactablebyametadetector,andhelpstomaintainaconstantbodytemperature.Itprovidesmaxmumsafetyevenatextremetemperaturesaboveandbelowzero,providingathermalinsulationthatisbetterthanaluminumorsteeltoecaps.ItexceedstheENISO12568requirements.MIDSOLETEXON ENIGMA ZERO HT2 Non-metallic antistatic, flexible, anti-perforation fabric insole, built with several layers of high-tenacity fibers. It ensures perfect thermal insulation Compliant with: EN 12568:2012; EN ISO 20344/345; CSA-Z195-14; ASTM F2413-18ANTI-TORSIONSUPPORTCOMPOSHANK Anti-torsion support in ABS. It is applied between the anti perforation midsole and the midsole, corresponding to the arch of the foot. It improves stability on ladders, where foot support is not complete. ANTI-STATICDEVICESILVER STRIP DISCHARGE (SSD) Conductive cotton tape and silver threads inside the upper and in contact with the foot. It is an anti-static device that guarantees greater safety than the standard, increases the dispersive capacity of the electrostatic charges throughout the life of the shoes.WEIGHT SIZE 42 760 grSIZES 38-48

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