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Alla Moda Shoes is an entrepreneurial journey of excellence. We strive to bring forward the very best in Italian & Turkish footwear manufacturing craftsmanship to Mauritius. We carefully source high-quality leather footwear from established & experienced suppliers. We strive to provide high-quality service, high-quality products that will last you & give you the utmost satisfaction.

We import our products from Turkey, Italy & Brazil

We offer high-quality leather & no synthetic or composites

We are the best in safety shoes in Mauritius

We have ladies, men & children footwear

we have high-quality bags, purses & allied products

High-quality leather belts, cardholders & wallets

Personalized service and attention to detail like no other.

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Alla Moda Shoes Is an importer of high-quality footwear from Italy, Turkey & Brazil. We are also the largest distributor of Safety Shoes in Mauritius.