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Grisport-Nero Touch-43339T1

Grisport-Nero Touch-43339T1


carbon PRIME construction

  • Abrasion-proof technical material.
  • Toe-protection against water.
  • Highly breathable insole.
  • Active-carbons innersole.
  • Compact PU anti-slipping/antistatic outsole.
  • Assorbent, Shock Absorption, Antibacterial

Lyliane 3DMX- is the excellent result of the combination of the most advanced technologies in the field of shoe upper materials.

Lyliane 3DMX is the perfect synergy translated into a unique product with extraordinary properties. Its lightness, robustness, breathability, and comfort in every condition are guaranteed by the structure of Lyliane itself the most advanced microfiber in terms of high mechanical performances, suitable for the most extreme application.

The high-tech design of 3DMX grants an extraordinary abrasion resistance and an optimal water repellency, making this shoe fit for every kind of condition Lyliane 3DMX is the ideal product for every type of technical footwear meant to be long-lasting.


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