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Aboutblu-B-light-Brown-19371 03LA S3

Aboutblu-B-light-Brown-19371 03LA S3


UPPER Water repellent and breathable full grain waxed leather
PLASMAFEEL Lining in 3D fabric that keeps the foot constantly cool and dry thanks
to the instantaneous absorption of sweat and its immediate dispersion outside of the
shoe. Breathable, antibacterial, resistant to wear and abrasion.
PERFORMANCE Thermoformed. Runresistant, multi-layered, antistatic latex-foam
fabric, that is antibacterial, breathable and absorbent with anti-fungus activated carbons. Shock absorbing heel. Non-slip treatment on the reverse side.
PU/PU DUAL DENSITY BASF PUR Elastopan® polyurethane foam insole, ensures
the maximum comfort and the absorption of the impact on all surfaces. Polyurethane
outsole, with an elevated grip, resistant to wear, oils and hydrocarbons. System of
energy absorption on the heel. It leaves no mark on the surface. SATRA UK “Pedatron
Test” that certifies abrasion resistance three times greater than standard.
The POWER CAP is in multilayer fiberglass and rubber particulate. It stands out
for its robustness and lightness, guaranteeing a shock absorption up to a max. 200
Joules.Being metal-free is is undetactable by a meta detector, and helps to maintain a
constant body temperature. It provides maxmum safety even at extreme temperatures
above and below zero, providing a thermal insulation that is better than aluminum
or steel toe-caps. It is compliant with CSA Canada regulations and exceeds the ENISO12568 requirements.
TEXON ENIGMA ZERO HT2 Non-metallic antistatic, flexible, anti-perforation fabric
insole, built with several layers of high-tenacity fibres. It ensures perfect thermal
insulation Compliant with: EN 12568:2012; EN ISO 20344/345; CSA-Z195-14; ASTM
COMPOSHANK Anti-torsion support in ABS. It is applied between the antiperforation
midsole and the midsole, corresponding to the arch of the foot. It improves stability on
ladders, where foot support is not complete.
SILVER STRIP DISCHARGE (SSD) Conductive cotton tape and silver threads inside
the upper and in contact with the foot. It is an anti-static device that guarantees greater
safety than the standard, increases the dispersive capacity of the electrostatic charges
throughout the life of the shoes.
WEIGHT SIZE 42 560 gr SIZES 35-48

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